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New Development Trend of LED Light Guide in Plant Lamp Lighting

2018-07-10        Source:Openlight Technology

At present, the technology of LED plant lighting in China is not backward, especially when we understand the huge space that can be developed in the field of plant lighting, we will increase our investment in development. Even some enterprises have started the business model of plant lighting, with the new LED plant lighting side light guide lamp as a breakthrough in the development of the industry, to expand the market share of plant lighting.


Nowadays, there are new breakthroughs in plant lighting market at home and abroad, but it is difficult to satisfy production only by a single application. Therefore, many lighting enterprises integrate intelligent technology into this field, realize system monitoring, develop new plant production plant development model, and lead the new development of plant lighting. Trend.


For the LED plant lighting market, some lighting enterprises are difficult to look forward to, mainly for their own enterprise strength focused on general lighting, if we re-develop new market areas, I am afraid it will be difficult to achieve the desired development results. However, there are still enterprises taking the lead in this field in order to obtain new development opportunities.


In the past, the field of plant lighting was generally limited to fluorescence, metal halide lamps, etc. However, the emergence of LED light sources and the continuous updating of technology have changed this situation. Because of the special wavelength of LED, the spectrum can be changed at will, and the growing environment can be changed according to the plant's own characteristics, so that it can be better used in the field of plant lighting because of its high efficiency, small size and long life.

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