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LED light guide surface light source in refrigerator lighting application

2018-07-10        Source:Openlight Technology

Starting in 2018, LED light source has become the main application of commercial lighting, home lighting and outdoor lighting. After the problems of heat dissipation, light decay and power lamp have been solved continuously, the performance-price ratio of LED surface light source lighting products has been greatly improved. The potential of global lighting market demand has been tapped, which directly promotes the penetration of LED. To 40 percent.


At present, the overall trend of LED power industry is downward. This situation may last for a certain time. Next, the power supply enterprises need to make steady progress, keep the customers and the current product quality, give full play to the comprehensive competitive advantage of the market, and reduce the price sensitivity of customers to the products by taking advantage of the advantages. Sensitivity.


On the other hand, with the development of LED lamp light guide industry, high-power driving power supply, as an important part of it, has certain obstacles in technology, brand and product certification, and the market concentration of power supply is still high. Therefore, with the gradual maturity of the quality of driving power products in recent years, there is also a certain homogeneous competition phenomenon.


In fact, as far as the macro trend of the industry is concerned, there are certain mature technologies in every power supply enterprise. As far as materials are concerned, there is not much difference between big brand enterprises and small and medium-sized enterprises. So the biggest difference lies in quality control and product process. From the point of view of current technology level, the development trend of driving power industry is indeed heading for a better direction.

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