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The trend of smart application technology in LED light guides

2018-07-10        Source:Openlight Technology

At present, the application of intelligent lighting in the market is still hindered. There are mainly the following problems: lack of uniform standards in the industry. The existence of a variety of agreements makes many enterprises have discussions, the complex technical structure makes many intelligent lighting technologies stand back; consumers'acceptance is not high, the current level of intelligent lighting has not reached the level of acceptance of consumers, the market consumption is not ideal; the cost-effective ratio of products is not high, and the market is related. The price makes consumers retreat, and the related functions fail to reach the market price.


Although this part of the problem of intelligent lighting market will be solved with the continuous promotion of the market, at this stage, it is necessary to do a good job of relevant problem solutions, more can be reserved for intelligent lighting technology, so that when the LED light guide market erupts, it can quickly obtain greater business opportunities.


Healthy lighting, invisible light application, plant lighting and so on will be linked with intelligent lighting technology. At that time, intelligent technology will be pushed to a new development outlet. If domestic intelligent technology can be smoothly promoted to the same level as international market technology, its market space development will be considerable.


The concept of LED intelligent technology is no longer confined to objects, but has been applied in various lighting environments nowadays. Since many years ago, intelligent lighting technology has been in its infancy. After years of technology accumulation and precipitation, intelligent lighting has also embarked on the road with development potential.

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