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Company profile

Founded in 2006, Shenzhen Openlight Technology Co.,Ltd is a high-tech enterprise integrating R&D, production and sales of LED lighting products and backlight products.

Openlight Technology has the production capacity (perfect production chain) and resources that most LED lighting manufacturers cannot.

We have passed the ISO9001 2008 version of the quality system certification, we focus on customizing and producing backlights, light guides, showcases, LED panel lights and other products have been CCC, CQC energy certification, CE, ROHS,

UL, VDE, EN2741, TUV and other international certifications; products are exported to more than 50 countries and regions in Europe, America, Asia, Africa, Southeast Asia and the Middle East.

With our first-class products and appropriate service to our customers, we continue to attract customers from all over the world.

Openlight Technology will adhere to the same level and continue to make further innovations and services in the field of LED lighting products and backlights.

  • Business Philosophy

    Leading the quality, adhere to the continuous improvement policy of its products and services, provide the most valuable products and services, and deliver on time to meet customer needs.

  • Quality policy

    Openlight Technology is committed to customer satisfaction through high performance. To achieve our vision, we must continually improve product quality and service to our customers.

    We are committed to doing this, using our most important resources and constantly improving our processes. The management team is committed to providing the best way to bring success to our customers.

  • Commitment to customers

    We are committed to quality leadership and continuous innovation to become your preferred supplier of LED lighting products and backlight products.

  • Manufacturing service

    Rapid production of samples and bulk shipments. Senior light guide outlet designer and light guide board 10,000 dust-free production workshop / automatic production workshop / membrane cutting workshop / SMT workshop / assembly workshop / injection workshop / laser dot workshop / laser workshop; can quickly make samples (within 12 hours) ) and high-volume manufacturing services (3 to 5 days), enabling customers to reduce their production costs, shorten product launch time and mass production time, thus winning the market.

  • Delivery commitment

    Provide customers with a delivery schedule and flexible on-time delivery (JIT) to adjust the delivery schedule of the product according to customer inventory requirements.

  • Backlight description

    The LED backlight consists of LED/light guide/diffusion film/reflective film/shading film (black and white glue)/PCB/FPC. Long life (>50000h) / high brightness / uniform illumination / low power,

    Widely used in lighting / audio / home appliances / toys / gifts / digital electronic products / communications products / sports equipment / mobile phones / consumer electronics / instrumentation and other fields


Company location

Photoelectric Testing-Integrating Sphere




Two-seat high-speed die cutting machine

Printing adjustment machine

Large screen printing machine

Die cutting machine

Two-sided film machine

Reflow soldering

40 ultra-long metre constant temperature tunnel furnace



Laminating machine

Constant temperature tunnel furnace

Gong machine

Polishing machine

Production line

Production line